VACATion Bible School

Our Vacation Bible School was a great success this week as children, volunteers and families came together to learn about "God's Greatest Gift".  Your child grew their knowledge of the Christmas Story through the eyes of Angels and Mary.  With the help of Dr. GiGi Gingerbread and Dr. D-Frost we had science experiments each evening supporting our Bible Lessons teaching about the Peace Jesus provided others through miracles.  Thank you for coming and if you would like to view pictures of the event click here  

STAR-E Night Laboratory

Dr. Gigi Gingerbread and Dr. D. Frost will be leading your child with simple Christmas Science Experiments each evening that will remind kids of a specific moment in the Christmas Story.  They will receive a special message and also make their own new connection.  

Some  of the experiments Dr. Gingerbread and Dr. Frost will be leading are:

  1. Hope
  2. Joy
  3. Peace
  4. Love
  5. Miracles
  •       Jesus heals paralyzed man
  •       Jesus Calms the Storm
  •       Jesus Walks on Water
  •       Jesus Heals the blind man