Winter Wednesday Discipleship Offering

January 16 - February 27


  •          21st Century Parenting : Join this combination speaker-discussion group to explore where we are and where we want to be as parents. We will delve into the intersection of theology and parenting, living out our faith in our families, parenting and technology, and expectations vs. reality. Facilitators: Eric and Alicia Porterfield and guests (Cornerstone Classroom, Third Floor)

  •          Women’s Bible Study: Engage with other dedicated sisters in Christ for an in-depth exploration of The Sermon on the Mount with other dedicated sisters in Christ in this homework-driven Bible study. Facilitator: Christy Bird (Parlor).  Note: This group will meet longer than other groups to complete the study. Please contact Christy if you are interested so she can order your materials. 

  •          Large Group Bible Study: Delve into a close study of scripture as we explore the theme “Faithful Presence.”  Together we will reflect on God’s faithfulness to us and on our call to be a faithful presence to one another and to our community (Fellowship Hall).