Lent 2023

February 22nd - April 9

We begin our Lenten journey with the Ash Wednesday service. Lent is a season of remembrance in the liturgical calendar commemorating the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness. Jesus spent a season in preparation for ministry, and we are called by His example and empowered by the Holy Spirit to stand up to temptation as we serve in God's ministry today. 

To help you find a rhythm of reflection, reading, and prayer, we invite you to join us in using this daily guide titled, "A Road Less Travelled." A note of description from the guide: 

"On this journey, you are invited to work the beatitudes of Jesus into your life. During Lent, we are invited to identify with Jesus's suffering. The beatitudes invite us to live in a new way, with Jesus, in a world of anxiety, fear, uncertainty, and suffering. It is a road chosen by few, but Jesus did. And so, we follow Him, through suffering, to bliss. 

The guide will have one week of preparation, starting on Ash Wednesday. Each week begins on a Sunday, and is named Day 1. At the beginning of the week, there are four elements: a picture, a poem, a Scripture-reference and orientation for the week, and a practice of faith for the week. Daily, there are for elements: Scripture, devotional, an exercise, and a repetition prayer. 

You may request a printed workbook by contacting the office, download the PDF workbook below, or access it via the YouVersion Bible app/website by searching for our church and selecting our featured study (or click button below).

We are praying the Holy Spirit moves in extraordinary ways this Lenten season as we unite as a congregation through intentional study and prayer. 


YouVersion Study

Holy Week, April 3-9: 

Monday, April 3rd: Devotional Breakfast w/Dr. Guy Sayles (in-person & online) @7am

Tuesday, April 4th: Online Devotional @7am

Wednesday, April 5th: Online Devotional @7am

*Thursday, April 6th: Passover Seder w/Rev. Jenny May @6pm in Fellowship Hall

Friday, April 7th: Good Friday service @7pm

*Learn more about the Maundy Thursday Passover Seder HERE.