The most noticeable aspect of our church building is the front of the church, where six columns face Fifth Avenue in downtown Huntington. While we hope you soon see that the church is much more than a building, the columns do symbolize our goals as a body of believers.

Outer Columns

Love God. Love Others.

Through the two outer columns, we acknowledge two of the greatest commandments as defined by our Lord. The far column on the right represents the mandate to love God; the far column on the left represents the commandment to love others. We see these as the two foundational columns, since these are the basis for our very existence. Everything we do, whether inside or outside these columns, must reflect love of our God and love for others. The four inner columns represent the four primary areas of the life of our church: Inreach, OutreachSpiritual Growth, and Missions.

first column

spiritual growth

The first column represents spiritual growth. Spiritual growth deepens our relationship with God. Collectively, we do this through worship. We worship with our hearts, our voices, and our mindsin other words, with our whole selves. Click here to hear a recent sermon.



The second column represents outreach. Fifth Avenue wants to be a welcoming church, to reach out to those who are looking for a church home. We believe God brings each church member into our fold to fulfill his or her calling to a specific ministry, using his or her spiritual gifts. Click here to learn more about our ministry opportunities. We would welcome the opportunity to talk further with you about what it means to become part of this congregation. To speak with a minister about joining our family of faith, email Rev. DaVontaé Edwards.



The third column represents inreach. This is the vital part of church life in which we take care of one another. Throughout the journey of life, we all have extreme situations. We want to be there for you in the highs and the lows of life. We need each other in both situations. Click here to get connected.



The fourth column represents missions. Fifth Avenue takes seriously the responsibility to be salt and light to the world around us and to the “uttermost parts of the earth.” We are always seeking opportunities to make sure what we do within the columns has a direct impact on the world outside our columns. Click here to learn about our mission work.

(Our "About FAB" section is an excerpt from Pastor Emeritus Dr. Allen Reasons. Click here to read more.)