"How good it is to sing praises to our God, 

how pleasant and fitting to praise Him!"   -Psalm 147:1

Worship is the ultimate activity of humanity.  We were made to worship God.  We hope at FAB to provide a space for God's people to gather together in worship of the living God.  We also provide ways for individuals to intentionally worship during the week, through devotionals, songs, and focused attention to discipleship as the enactment of worship in the world.

An important aspect of Christian worship is music.  The Book of Psalms, or course, is a songbook, and it has been supplemented over the centuries by expressions of faith by believers in every generation, including our own.  At FAB we draw from those expressions of faith, many of them found as hymns, to give voice to our own praise and prayer in the present.

On this page are a variety of ways you can be involved in worship leadership through music.  However, the most important music-making is the congregation's singing.  Through the hymns and songs the congregation participates directly in worship, not as spectators but as the ones who themselves speak to God.  Even if you are self-conscious about your singing ability, at least contemplate the words to the hymns as we sing, and allow your spirit to sing with your church family. Congregational singing is not about musical quality; it is about joining the saints from around the globe and throughout all time in the ceaseless praise of God.  To put it another way, from reading the Book of Revelation it is clear that all believers will one day join in singing around the throne of God; why wait until then to get started?

Make a Joyful Noise

We are actively preparing for a Singing Christmas Tree reunion. Please find the rehearsal resources for the upcoming concert on December 3rd in the Singing Christmas Tree portal. 


  • Chancel Choir

    Our Chancel Choir has recently resumed rehearsal and leading congregational singing in the sanctuary after a long break! The choir sings on Sunday mornings and occasionally presents seasonal programs. Their music includes a mix of styles, and the group has fun making music together to the glory of God. For more information, email Jon Brannon.

  • Instrumental ensemble

    Made up of winds, keyboard and percussion instruments (and we'd love to add strings!), our Instrumental Ensemble rehearses on Sunday afternoons and plays in the Sunday service about every other month. They also do special programs at Advent, and sometimes for the church picnic.  For more information, email Jon Brannon.

  • handbell choir

    Our Handbell Choir rehearses on Sunday afternoons and plays in the worship service about every other month in alternation with the Instrumental Ensemble. They host an Advent Wednesday service, and sometimes play in area hospitals.  From time to time a Beginning Handbells group is organized as an introduction to handbells and reading music. 

    For more information, email Jon Brannon.


    Lifesong, assists in worship leadership on Sunday mornings from time to time with music in contemporary styles. For more information, contact Jon Brannon.

  • Children & Youth

    Children participate in music activities on Wednesday evenings that incorporate Bible studies and other themes present throughout the children's ministry.  Preschool Choir and Children's Music Time Choir occasionally sing in Sunday morning worship services.  Our youth praise band, 412, leads our congregation in worship several times during the year.