2017 youth Mission Trip

The FAB Youth Mission team departed on Friday, June 23rd on their way to the Dominican Republic.  They traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to leave from the Atlanta Airport on Saturday.  The arrived safely in Atlanta on Friday and had the opportunity to go to the Sun Trust park to watch the Braves play.  The evening was cut a little short with rain.

Saturday morning, June 24th it was another travel day for the youth mission team.  They made their way through the Atlanta airport pretty easily and boarded a plane for the Dominican Republic.  They arrived safely and were greeted by the Matthew 25:35 team.  They will be working with their ministries this week. After checking into the hotel their hosts took them to a beautiful monument and then dinner.  Please continue to pray for our team as they begin their mission tomorrow.    

Youth Mission trip day 2

The mission team began the morning with orientation and breakfast with their Ministry partners at Matthew 25:35. They traveled by bus to Puerto Plata for poolside worship and a day at the beach.  They returned to Matthew 25:35 Sunday evening for dinner and to plan their work week. 

Youth Mission Trip Day 3

Monday was the first work day on the Youth Mission Trip and the youth signed up for various ministry opportunities.  Those included painting, working at the farm, moving earth and gravel, and a neighborhood ministry of praying in households and distributing groceries in partnership with a local church.  The afternoon included VBS for local kids done in English & Spanish.  There were many smiles in descrbing the work and the new friendships with others from Utah and St. Louis  

Youth Mission Trip Day 4

The FAB Youth mission team  merged with the other mission teams for various projects. One group visited a senior citizen's home.  Another visited patients in a rehab facility.  Many of our group worked all day on a construction project with Matthew 25:35 Ministries.  VBS continued in the afternoon. 

youth mission trip day 5

Wednesday, was very busy for the FAB Youth Mission Team.  Various groups worked in the following areas.

* Door-to-door prayer in neighborhoods

*Playing with young boys at a local orphanage


*Vacation Bible School

After cleaning up they had dinner with other missionary groups and then ended the evening with worshiping God with fellow believers. 

Youth Mission Trip Day 6

The mission team begins every morning on the rooftop porch of Matthew 25:35 Ministries with prayer and devotions.  Then we eat breakfast with the other mission teams before heading out to our work sites.

Today's sites included a rehab home for young boys,  helping the communities distribute water filtration systems, the dump, VBS, construction and baseball with local students.  

Another delicious dinner at the team center was enjoyed by all with some free time eating FROYO together at Sweet Frogs,  The team was able to explore a grocery store and make some new friends at the pet store.  

There is only one more day for mission before the FAB Youth Mission team will begin to journey home.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers. 

Youth Mission Trip - Day 7

Today was the final day of the mission team's work. Together with the other mission teams they played baseball with local youth and shared our faith with them.  They delivered water filtration buckets and visited with children in a special needs orphanage.  There was also an all day painting crew in a nearby school,  After lunch they all gathered together to share God's word during two different Vacation Bible Schools. On our final evening they joined together in worship at the Team Center and said goodbye to our new friends ,  The team has expressed that they are looking forward to returning home, but are blessed by this experience.  Thank you for your continued support and prayers.