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In 2002, 112 members of our church traveled to Nicaragua to offer asistance in construction, teaching, and medical care. What began as a short-term mission trip has blossomed into a lasting relationship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. More than 20 groups have traveled from FAB to Nicaragua, serving in an orphanage, a nursing home, rural medical clinics, and surrounding neighborhoods. Through our monthly sponsorship program called FABamigos, we provide nutritious food and important medications to children at Remar Orphanage. Email Katherine Allgood for more information about our sponsorship program or upcoming mission trip opportunities.

2017 Nicaragua Mission trip Journal

Trip Journal:  Day One

Friday, December 8

Our first day with the kids! It's hard to put into words what it feels like to step off the bus and be surrounded by 38 people with big smiles and the best hugs, so I won't even try. It makes the waiting, planning, organizing and traveling worth it!

We started our time together playing Uno and Jenga, coloring and reading. As we strolled the orphanage grounds, Moe found his handprint on the Remar-FAB mural that was painted by a team a few years ago. That mural is a symbol of our long relationship, and the love we feel for each other.

Todd, Moe and Sara went to explore the neighborhood while Katherine and Phillip worked on a project with the kids. A local classroom is learning about Christmas in different parts of the world, so they had some questions for our Remar kids. As you can imagine, some of the answers are quite entertaining!

After leaving Remar, we had the opportunity to visit Old Managua, an area that was devastated by an earthquake and recently revitalized. Nicaragua celebrates Mary with a big festival (that was tonight), and the decorations are tremendous. Right at the edge of Lake Nicaragua, Old Managua gave us a chance to experience some of this country's rich history and culture.

After a long day of travel and an exciting day with the kids, we opted for an early dinner and a good night's sleep. We each experienced God today, whether through the smile of a child or the touch of a stranger's hand during prayer. Our time here is just beginning.

Trip Journal:  Day Two

Saturday, December 9

We started our day reading Scriptures that Moe had selected for each one of us. As we took turns reading them aloud, each one evoked memories of past missions or from our personal lives. As is true of most mission trips, we're growing closer through shared tears and laughter.

We then headed to Huembes to go shopping with the boys. Have you ever taken 20 boys to buy tennis shoes? They were much more interested in the toys, snacks and shoes than in school uniforms, but we eventually purchased every necessity, and fulfilled many wishes. Huembes is hard to explain, and just has to be experienced to understand it. It's hot, loud, close and fast-paced. Watching the kids pick out their things is wonderful. They have so little choice in their lives that a new pair of tennis shoes is a. Dry serious matter.

We returned to our hotel for a few hours as Remar got ready for the graduation ceremony. Todd walked down to a produce stand and treated us to a snack of the most delicious fresh fruits and vegetables. It was a lovely time of reflection and rest before we headed to the graduation. Our driver, Ramon, gifted us with a loaf of freshly-baked bread to enjoy on the way. We were honored to be invited to the ceremony, and it was with a few tears and great pride that we watched 3 of our wonderful young ladies graduate.

We returned to our hotel to meet with our friends who aren't an official part of our mission, but are here on their own missions. As this is being written, we are preparing to sit down to dinner together, talk about our time here and share our love of Nicaragua. We have had a day of faith, family and food, and we are full.

Day 3, Sunday December 10

We started our day by worshipping with our Nicaragua family. It's a fairly contemporary service with a lot of praise music, so we clap along with the songs and the kids come to the front and dance. When you don't know the language well, you tend to experience the service by feeling it, and it's remarkable. 

After church, we headed out for one of the kids' biggest treats, a party at Pizza Hut. There were 60 of us, and we always do our best to make a joyful noise! A few of the kids like to take some pizza back to the orphanage to savor later. This is a very special outing for them, and a blessing for us to be there to witness their happiness.

We returned to Remar for a few hours of playing games and simply enjoying each other's company. At the end of the day, both the kids and the team were tired and happy. Every one of us looks forward to our week together, and time passes so quickly.

Trip Journal Day 4

Monday, December 11

As a team, we agree that this is our favorite day of the trip. It's all about just spending time together and having fun. We stayed at Remar for the day and played.

We made cards for our local classroom friends, and the kids did some pretty detailed, elaborate work. It's beautiful to watch the older kids help the younger ones. They do a great job of looking out for each other.

Sara brought supplies to make string bracelets, and these kids love crafty projects. All of the kids made bracelets, anklets and/or necklaces for themselves, plus a few for each of us. We cherish these sweet tokens, and will look at them in the coming months and remember this day.

After fairly sedentary fun, we were all ready to move around. Moe, Todd and Sara played baseball with some of the older boys and it was quite a no-holds-barred, go-all-out game! Luckily, there were no injuries, and it turns out that one of the boys could play in the majors.
Phillip played soccer, our translator and friend LaRue played basketball, and Katherine played with the dogs. The kids went from one activity to the other, with the occasional break to sit and talk or spend time on the swing set.

Upon our return to the hotel, the team spent some time on the patio snacking, again, on local
fruits and vegetables, and talking about our day. The conversation moved to a discussion about the difference between "good tired" and "bad tired". We agree that today, we are good tired.

Trip Journal –Day 5

Tuesday December 12

Today took us back to Huembes for more shopping, this time with 20 girls! We quickly finished with the necessities (school uniforms), and moved on to the fun of shoes, toys and perfume. These girls are just like any young girls you might know, and enjoy having pretty things. It's such a pleasure to be with them and witness the process. They are quite careful and meticulous in making their decisions, and deliberations are lengthy! True to form, after each purchase the girls would hand their bags to Phillip, calling him "El Burro". By the end of the day, he looked like a real pack mule! Imagine our surprise when we walked into the shop selling toiletries and one of the women working there was wearing a Marshall shirt! She had no idea what it was, but enjoyed that she and Phillip were twins. We had lunch, treats and snacks at Huembes and then headed back to Remar for some play time with the boys.

Our actual time left with the kids can be measured in a few short hours, and as much as we are looking forward to the Fiesta tomorrow, we know that it will be a long time before we can be with our Nicaragua family again. It's different for every person on the team, but for two of us, God lives in Nicaragua, with the beautiful lakes, awesome volcanoes and our precious, wonderful kids, all 38 of them.

sponsor a child

Sponsoring a child at Remar Orphanage through our FABamigos program costs $38 per month. Your sponsorship provides healthy meals, toiletries, and any medications your child needs. If you are interested in a special needs sponsorship, contact Kim Copley to find out more about the child in need of your support. Occasionally, additional sponsorship opportunities arise to meet specific needs at the orphanage. Contact Kim Copley if you'd like to stay informed of these needs.

When our mission teams travel to Nicaragua, sponsors have the opportunity to send a card to their child, and the mission team returns home with dozens of cards, drawings, and letters from the children. In December, each sponsor is invited to contribute $50 for a Christmas gift. The $50 provides a new backpack, a new school uniform, and a toy.

Many of our sponsors have had the privilege of traveling to Nicaragua on one of our mission trips meeting their sponsored child. Click here to read an article by Katherine Allgood (pictured above) about meeting her child for the first time.